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Why ShedVerse?

ShedVerse is designed with YOU in mind.

Specifically designed and built for portable building companies through collaboration with over 30 years of industry knowledge and 25+ years of development expertise. Our software is designed to save you time and money.  ShedVerse will remove the redundancies that chip away at your employees' time by allowing all departments to communicate with each other to identify problems, find solutions, minimize miscommunications, and maximize productivity (and profitability!).


ShedVerse fits how YOU run YOUR business.

We understand that each portable building company is unique. That is why ShedVerse is designed to be tailored to your needs. You can pick only the software features that are important to you, or you can take them all! Even the base-level package provides you with a fully functional ERP on day one.

Intuitive & User-Friendly

ShedVerse manages all facets of your business.

This creates more detailed reporting that can lead to greater profits for your portable building company. Our software was designed with your employees in mind. Its base platform is built on the award winning Jarvis CRM platform (2017 FileMaker Business Alliance Excellence Award for Design). Additionally, we offer in-depth training sessions to ensure your team knows exactly HOW to utilize all the tools in ShedVerse.




Our Story

The Blake family has been in the portable building industry for over 30 years. Matt Blake, owner of Ron’s Portable Buildingswas looking to expand his business by acquiring another building company. After meeting with the owner of Quality Buildings, and seeing the Jarvis CRM program that they were using to run their business, he knew he had found the right place. Upon its acquisition, he merged the two companies into Ron’s Quality Buildings and forged a partnership with Joe Scarpetta, owner of The Scarpetta Group (and the visionary behind Jarvis CRM). Since February 2022, Matt and Joe, along with their teams, have been working together to add even MORE functionality to their existing Jarvis CRM file which is where ShedVerse was born.


Today, ShedVerse can bring all parts of your business together into one platform.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with you to streamline the various tools you use to run your business and bring them into one super tool. We want you to grow and improve your portable building business and we want to make it EASY for you to do so. We understand the industry, we know the challenges you face, and we have a solution to turn your problem-spots into profits. 

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Each Wednesday from 1-2pm EST we are hosting a LIVE Webinar.

Join us to see more and get your questions answered!

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